Ag Niche Markets

There are a number of specialized "niche" markets in the agricultural industry. LSB has insurance professionals in place to serve the special needs of these markets, including but not limited to:

  • Hog Confinement: The American Heartland Hog Confinement Insurance Program offers you the best coverage without expensive add-on's that make your operation inefficient and increase your cost per pound to raise swine.
  • Crop Insurance: Crop insurance can help ensure the best possible crop outcome each year. Our Crop Insurance Agent will counsel you on available options to protect your crops.
    Crop Insurance Brochure (PDF 295 KB)
  • Livestock Insurance: Your livestock is a valuable resource to your operation. The agribusiness specialists at LSB are good resources to assist farmers in developing a solid risk management plan to protect your livestock assets.
    Livestock Insurance Brochure (PDF 295 KB)
  • Winery & Vineyard Insurance: Running a winery or vineyard can get pretty complicated and can bring with it a number of risks. Luckily LSB Financial is a proud member of the Iowa Wine Growers Association so we understand these concerns. Our insurance agents have put together a comprehensive solution to cover today's winerys & vineyards.
    Winery & Vineyard Brochure (PDF 275 KB)
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