Lincoln Savings Bank is a Fintech Partner

LSBX at Lincoln Savings Bank

Why Fintech Companies are Choosing Lincoln Savings Bank

LSBX merges traditional payment systems with new and emerging technologies. As an advisor, compliance connection and bank of record, we partner with financial technology companies wishing to include payment systems on their platforms.
LSBX offers financial technology companies:

  • Robust operations and compliance management to build confidence in the integrity of mobile financial technologies;
  • A full array of resources to assist in developing efficient, user-friendly technology solutions;
  • A partner in developing innovative products and services that don’t currently exist; and
  • Willingness to think beyond traditional banking products and services in search of what’s next.

As a result, LSBX supports community banking by reducing other costs, diversifying profit centers and making the best financial technology accessible to our customers.

Our Fintech Partners include:

  • Square Cash App | Cash App allows you to instantly send money between friends or accept card payments for your business.
  • Qapital | Qapital is a new way to bank that lets you save for the things you want, just by doing the things you do. Finally, saving is effortless, motivating, and even a little fun.
  • Acorns| Acorns allows anyone to grow their wealth by investing their spare change, and now spend smarter with an Acorns debit card
  • Q2 | Q2 provides traditional financial institutions, big brands, or FinTech companies with easier, more direct, and more cost-effective access to the vital technology they need to build digital tools.
  • MoneyLion | MoneyLion is America's most powerful financial membership helping millions change the way they bank, invest, and grow. 

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