Sweep Accounts

LSB offers a variety of sweep solutions to support our business client's financial needs.

Sweeps can be designed for the business client with excess cash to invest. This account provides an automated movement of funds that offers convenience, liquidity and enhanced yield for business clients. Funds in excess of defined target balance are invested nightly (at a competitive tiered rate) and are backed by government securities guaranteed by the United States or one of its agencies.

Sweeps can also be customer built to provide an ideal solution for business clients that want to maximize cash flow. To optimize day-to-day cash management, this sweep product automatically keeps the business checking account at a pre-determined target balance to pay down or advance funds from the business client's line of credit.

More complex sweeps can allow for the automated line of credit sweep service to be utilized in conjunction with an investment sweep. Utilizing both the investment and line of credit sweep allows business clients to maximize their return on funds and still enjoy the convenience of readily available credit.

If your needs don't fall into the sweep options listed, contact your Lincoln Savings Bank Lender to discuss options available for custom sweep functions.

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