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Online Banking Upgrade

Online and Mobile Upgrade

Great is getting better! We are upgrading our online and mobile banking system to bring you enhanced features and functionality. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION- Due to the upgrade, online and mobile banking will be unavailable on the morning of 12/4 from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

What's New For All Customers?

  • Standard Fixes: This update will fix over 500 formatting quirks and “bugs” across our multiple platforms.
  • Funds Transfers: Now you can edit! With this update, you can edit a single or recurring funds transfer if the transfer date is in the future, and it has not already been “processed” or “canceled”.
    • For individual transfers, you can change:
      • From Account
      • To Account
      • Transfer Date
      • Amount
      • Memo
    • For Recurring Transfers, you can change:
      • From Account
      • To Account
      • Amount
      • Frequency
      • Repeat Duration/End Date
      • Memo
  • Nickname Accounts: Made it easier to Nickname accounts by adding the option to the account Kabob on the dashboard.
  • Apple Watch: View the last 5 transactions on your 5 favorited account on your Apple Watch!

What's New For Our Consumers?

  • Ledger: The system now offers the ability to add a “Manual” account. This is perfect for entering your home or other items that are not easily added through an external account to more accurately display your “Net Worth”.
  • Ledger: New Cash Flow Widget to help forecast your expenses and income.

What's New For our Business Customers Utilizing ACHpro?

  • Redesigned Template, Payment, and Recipient workflows to reduce the number of pages, clicks, and tabbing required to complete a task.
    • Removed “Card View”
    • One-Time ACH and Wire payments/templates, as well as Recipient management, are now single-page forms
  • System Changes:
    • Corrected wording when submitting a “Collection” so that the executable button now says “Collect” instead of “Pay”
    •  No longer default an SEC code when more than one may be applicable.

Watch ACHpro Video Tutorial.

What's New For Our Commercial Customers with “Online Banking Commercial Access”:
  • File Mapper: A new tool that allows the user to define where to locate required information for ACH transmission within a non-standard formatted file.
  • R/T Lookup: Enhanced lookup for banks that use Correspondent bank to correctly populate the beneficiary bank information.
  • R/T Lookup: Refined search allows entry of City and State in addition to name or Routing Number.
  • Information Reporting:
    • Home Page redesigned
    • Added “Select All/Delete All” option for account choice during report selection or creation.
  • Global Account Nickname: Users with “Manage User” or “Manage Role” rights will be able to set a global account nickname from the account tile’s option menu that shall persist across all user profiles.
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