Online Banking Upgrade - August 9, 2017

Online and Mobile Upgrade

Online Banking System Update

Great just got better!  We have upgraded our online banking system to bring you new features and functionality. 

** Attention Online Banking Business Customers! Click here for details on our upgraded Treasury Management platform! ** 

This upgrade brought some innovative new features and a fresh look. Here's a peek at what the upgraded environment looks like:

New Online Banking

Here are some additional resources with information about our online banking system:

To assist with this transition, please read about the updates and take note of which users will be impacted by the changes:

  • Dashboard Layout Change | Consumer and Business Users
    In the new version of online banking, the dashboard now displays accounts in two columns, utilizing the same real estate to display a greater number of accounts with the same amount of detail.
  • Revamped Menu | Consumer Users Only 
    The left menu has been slightly re-organized to better align the function with its menu heading. Worth noting, “Person to Person Payment” is now located under the “Transactions” menu.
  • Streamlined Account History | Consumer and Business Users
    The account history has been revamped to reduce clutter and maximize interpretation. Transaction information is scrubbed and replaced with shorter versions of ACH descriptions. (Don’t worry, if you want to see a complete description for an ACH transaction that came in, you can absolutely still do so!)
Additionally, data is now formatted in a 3-column approach, listing the date, the Transaction detail (with accompanied category icon if applicable), and the transaction amount with the effective account balance.
  • Account Number | Consumer and Business Users
    Your account number is now shown completely under the account details.
  • Account Information Export | Consumer and Business Users
    Your account information can be exported to an .XLS or .CSV 7 column file showing posted date, check number, description, debit amount, credit amount, status, and classification.
  • Account Grouping | Consumer and Business Users
    You can use the account grouping feature to categorize account on the dashboard. Or, you can drag and reorder your accounts for quicker organizing.
  • Revised Billpay | Consumer and Business Users
    The integrated billpay screen now allows you to pay multiple payees at one time, just enter in the amounts and approve them all at once!
  • Account Preferences | Consumer and Business Users
    We’ve added the ability to “hide” accounts through the Account Preferences option in “Your Settings”. If there are accounts you no longer wish to see on the dashboard, just “hide” them. They won’t show on your dashboard any longer, but you’ll still be able to toggle them back on if you need to.
Also here, you can re-order your accounts, rename your accounts or change them back to their bank assigned default name.
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