Online Upgrade

Online Banking Upgrade- Commercial Edition

Online Banking System Upgrade Details

For our commercial online banking users, we want to make you aware of some changes. We have outlined some changes that may affect your online banking experience below and encourage you to contact us with any questions. 

**Attention Remote Deposit Users** Click Here for details.

**Attention Positive Pay Users** Click Here for details.

The NEW desktop online banking system will be updated to look like the following:

New Online Banking

Here are some additional resources with information about our online banking system:

  • Please review our system requirements to be sure your computer operating system and browser are up-to-date in anticipation for this upgrade.  

To assist with this transition, please read about the updates:

  • Dashboard Layout Change
    The starting point for online banking. Here, you can access all of your accounts. 
Dashboard Menu
  • Messages 
    This option contains your secure inbox where you can send or receive secure messages and attachments with Lincoln Savings Bank customer service. 
  • Transactions
    The following basic banking services can be found here: 
    • Funds Transfer- Transfer funds between your Lincoln Savings Bank accounts through one-time or recurring scheduling. 
    • Business Bill Pay- Access your company's bill pay system here. 
    • Admin Business Bill Pay- Available only to the company's assigned admin to handle rules and limits for overall company bill pay usage. 
    • Activity Center- Review, Approve, Cancel or Access your history of online activity here, including ACH and Funds Transfer transactions. 
  • Company Management
    Accessible only for commercial customers who are utilizing our "LSB Business Banking" product, or those companies who have Subsidiary Management rights. 
    • Company Policy- Review your company's transaction limits and rights. 
    • User Roles- Define the roles for your employees. Set specific dollar threshold limits, add/remove account access and functionality of other online features such as Funds Transfer or ACH activity. 
    • Users- Create new or manage existing users for online banking. Review assigned user roles and make changes as necessary. 
    • Manage Subsidiaries- Review ACH settings for other companies that are managed under a single online banking customer. 
Company Policy
  • LSBpro Services
    Accessible only for customers who are utilizing one of our "LSBpro" business solutions.
    • ACHpro Origination (Previously titled "Payments) -Use this option to originate your ACH transactions, including Payments, Collections and Payroll. 
    • ACHpro Pass-Thru- If enabled, use this option to upload your NACHA pass-thru file. 
    • ACHpro Tax Payment- Form set to allow transmission of Government and Iowa-based tax remittance. (Other states available by request.)
    • DepositPro (Previously titled "Remote Deposit")- Click this menu to access our Remote Deposit solution. 
    • Positive Pay- Access to our Positive Pay and ACH Block functionality, automated NOC notification or ACH reporting. 
    • Reports- Generate or schedule reports for the following information (only available for our "Business Banking" solution.): 
      • Account Activity
      • ACH Activity
      • Cash Position
      • Wire
      • Transaction Report
      • Company User Activity
**Attention Remote Deposit Users** 
As part of this update, the access to Remote Deposit is not titled "DepositPro" and is located under the "LSBpro Services" Menu: 

**Attention Positive Pay Users** 
As part of this update, Quick Exception Management is now integrated into the standard online banking window. For all of your other Positive Pay/ACH Block functionality, please select "Launched Advanced Options" from the upper right corner of the window. This will take you to the Positive Pay screen you have traditionally utilized: 

Positive Pay
  • Bank Services (Previously titled "Services")
    This menu contains our standard bank service functions available to all customers.
    • eStatements- Access or enroll in estatement delivery. 
    • Check Reorder- If you have previously ordered checks from LSB, this link will allow you to reorder your checks online. 
    • Stop Payment- Place a stop payment request on a single item or range of items. 
    • ATM Finder- View a map of our ATMs in your area. 
Bank Services
  • Your Settings (Previously titled "Settings") 
    This menu contains options for configuring functionality pertinent to your login only; it will not affect other users' logins within the same company. 
    • Manage Alerts- Use this function to set up e-mail (recommended), text, or phone notifications for: 
      • Date
      • Account
      • History
      • Insufficient Funds
      • Transactions
      • Security Alerts
    • Account Preferences- This menu item allows you to change the display name of accounts, rename account group headings or hide accounts from view on your dashboard. 
    • Security Preferences- Use this selection to change your password, your login ID, or your Secure Delivery Options. 
    • Your Profile- Update your personal information such as address or e-mail. 
Your Settings
  • News
    A summary of our news/blog posts
  • Branches
    An interactive map of our Lincoln Savings Bank locations, hours and ATM availability. 
  • Help
    A searchable document to assist with descriptions and how-tos of online banking functionality. 
  • Logout
    For the most secure way of ending your session, select this option to terminate your session rather than simply closing the browser window. 

**Attention LSB Business Banking Users** 

As part of this update, you can now apply labels to accounts for greater user administration. In order to do so, just follow these steps: 

1. Click on "Company Policy" under the "Company Management" Menu. 

Company Policy

2. Select "Accounts"


3. Click the check box to the right of the account(s) to which you would like to add a label. After you make your selection, an "Edit Labels" option will appear at the top of the accounts grid. 

Check Box Labels
Edit Labels

4. Type the account label(s) you would like to add for account designation in the text field and click "Create." 

Create Labels

5. This will move your label to a selectable list below. The newly defined label is selected by default; you may select additional previously-created labels to assign these to the accounts as well. Any account(s) may have none, a single, or multiple labels attached.

Move Labels

6. Click "Add" to complete the process. 

Click Add Labels

7. Your labels will now display as applied to your account.

Labels Displayed

8. When adjusting account access via User Roles or Company Policy, you will now see the created labels as options in addition to the accounts themselves. 

Account Labels

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