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posted 1/26/2015 in Banking

Robots that take over our lives and dominate the human race is a story line that makes for bad movie making. In reality, automation provides many benefits, especially when it comes to your finances.

The biggest hurdle many of us face in managing our finances is finding the time and willpower to do it. Automating your finances cuts down on the time it takes and lowers the amount of motivation we need to get it done.

Here are a few ways you can automate your finances with Lincoln Savings Bank.

  • Ask about direct deposit- if your employer offers direct deposit, take advantage of it. Your paychecks get deposited directly to your checking account, simple as that.

  • Set up a recurring transfer from your checking account to your savings account every payday in Online Banking- this will make saving easier because it takes the human element out of the decision to save. Automatically transferring money to your savings means you don’t have to make a decision every payday.

  • Account balance alerts- don’t want to dip below a certain amount in your checking account? An alert set up in Online Banking can tell you when you’re getting too close to the line.

  • Automate payments with Bill Pay- make monthly bill payments on time every month by scheduling them through Bill Pay.

  • Simplify your budgeting with Budget Plus- get all of your account, loan and transactional information organized in one place. This will help you get a better idea of what you’re spending every month to make better financial decisions.

Technology is a beautiful thing. That being said, too much automation without oversight can be a bad thing. Be sure to check in on your automated processes to be sure they haven’t changed or are still accurate.

If you have any questions about how Lincoln Savings Bank can help you automate your finances, check out our Electronic Banking services or contact your nearest LSB branch.

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