Fall in Love with Your Finances Again

posted 2/11/2015 in Banking

Do you have an icy relationship with your finances? Have you been neglecting them during the frigid winter months? If so, it’s time to heat things up again by building a better relationship with your money.

While we aren’t therapists or psychologists, Lincoln Savings Bank can help you reconnect with your finances for a better future. All it takes is the right foundation, some short and long term goals and little fun every once in a while to fall back in love with your finances!

Get back to the basics

Every successful relationship needs a solid foundation. For your finances that means a budget, decreased spending and eliminating your debt. A great foundation paves the way for you to do more things with your money.

Create short-term goals

It can be as short as saving for a trip this summer to how much you want to have saved by the end of 2015. They can be savings goals or lifestyle goals, such as purchasing a new home or living debt-free.

Think long-term

Every relationship hits a point where you think about the future more than a couple of months or a year down the road. Your relationship with your finances is no different. Where do you want to be in five or ten years? What are your plans for retirement? These are thing you can do only if you have a good foundation and are meeting your short-term goals.

Don’t forget to reward yourself

Relationships are hard work, but fun plays an important role in them, too. Plan fun rewards when it makes sense that fit your interests and passions. 

If you hit bumps in the road, Lincoln Savings Bank is here to help. We can help you and your money overcome obstacles and plan for the future to ensure you have a strong relationship. We hope you fall in love with your finances again this month, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Lincoln Savings Bank, member FDIC

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