First Quarter Financial Plan: Get Proactive About Your Financial Health with LSB+

posted 3/24/2014 in Banking

A physical examination is a snapshot of your health. Your doctor takes into account a variety of factors, asks you some questions and gives you a status update of your well being.  Your doctor may prescribe anything from more exercise to medications that will help you work through certain health issues. They may even refer you to a specialist if need be. You will likely go back to your doctor on a regular basis to ensure you are doing what you need to remain healthy.

LSB+ acts in much the same way as your doctor does. The program was set up to take a proactive approach to your financial health. Instead of handling your individual needs as they come up, LSB+ identifies your current status, and with your financial goals in mind, helps create a plan for your future and connects you with the LSB representatives that can help make it happen.  It looks a little something like this:

You’ll note this graphic shows the process in a circle, meaning there is no ending point. Just like you check in with your doctor annually or when your health changes, you can meet with your LSB+ representative as you make progress on financial goals or in the event of a major life change.  LSB+ is all about providing you with the resources you need to succeed.

Watch this short video to learn how the LSB+ process may help you!

To get started with LSB+, you can visit or contact any of our branches today!

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