Keeping Lincoln Savings Bank One Step Ahead: Our New Visa Debit Cards

posted 4/15/2019 in Banking

New Visa Debit Cards

Keeping Lincoln Savings Bank One Step Ahead: Our New Visa Debit Cards

Earlier this month our team excitedly rolled our new tap-to-pay enabled debit cards! Embellished with our fearless mascot – Abe – these cards symbolize the push toward the future that has become the norm here at Lincoln Savings Bank. Instead of trying to change things when they become outdated, our team has become enamored by the concept of anticipating our customers’ needs and surpassing them with the products and services we offer. 

This is extremely evident in the new personal and business debit cards we recently unveiled. While these new debit cards feature the chip reader and other important security features, they also enable our customers to pair their payments with wearable technology such as the Apple Wallet or Samsung Pay. While their debit card may always have its home in a billfold or wallet, it can now be utilized in other digital formats to make certain that wherever our customers go, their funds are now able to go with them.

During the week of the transition we asked key project leaders from the debit card rollout to share the reason behind the change and the impact it’s had on our customers.

Angela Evans, Marketing Executive commented, “We wanted to give our customers a better experience and more payment options, so our card is what they choose for every purchase.  We are among the first banks to offer tap-to-pay cards, and our cards also offer the latest payment technology, including wearable payments and digital wallets. The updated card design looks sleek while including an appearance by Mr. Lincoln himself, creating a perfect blend of modern and traditional."

We’ve heard numerous comments and great feedback about the overall design of the card, along with the often-followed compliments our customers receive when making transactions. Although the design of the card was monumental to its implementation, one of the biggest compliments we’ve received as a bank is the response and usage from our valued customers.

Kalola Roby, Card Services Manager elaborates, “We wanted to provide LSB customers a new debit card experience and with a 73 percent activation rate we are confident we are reaching our customers and providing that experience.  Customers are enjoying the chip feature on the cards, which is providing that extra security. The most excitement to date, along with the look of the cards, would be the contactless payment, also known as tap and go. This provides customers an improved experience at the checkout while using the same security as the chip. There are other great features on our debit cards that our customers are definitely excited about!”

At Lincoln Savings Bank we take great pride in our personal and corporate development, working hard to make sure we have the necessary products and technology available to our customers when they need it! Whether you’re looking to start a new personal checking account, transfer an existing business checking account, or anything in between – stop by your nearest Lincoln Savings Bank branch and ask how you can get an account with a card that counts!

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