The Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

posted 7/30/2014 in Banking

Identity theft

In the modern digital and social world we live in, protecting yourself against identity theft is harder than ever. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself and lower the financial impact of fraud. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we understand the seriousness of identity theft threats, and we want to keep you informed on what you can do, since identity theft is usually discovered by the consumer first. Read on to find out how to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

Monitor accounts often

Use LSB’s online and mobile banking tools to monitor your accounts daily, or at least weekly.  Always review statements right when you get them. At least do a quick scan to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary.

Use online statements

Online statements will come sooner than mail, so you can detect fraud sooner.  See how to sign up for eStatements here.

Take advantage of email alerts

LSB offers a variety of account alert options, all free within our online banking system.  These can keep you up-to-date on any strange changes to your accounts.

Know the warning signs

If any of these things happen, you should contact your bank right away.

• Missing bills or statements. Alert your bank if something expected doesn’t show up in the mail.

• Unexpected charges.

• Denied credit. Check with your bank if you are denied credit or are offered unfavorable credit terms for unknown reasons.

• Unsolicited credit cards. Make sure you question any credit cards you receive that you didn’t apply for.

• Collection calls for things you didn’t buy.

These things might seem like obvious signs, but people often ignore them or don’t address them right away because they assume they are mistakes, not identity theft.

Check your credit report

You have access to your credit report once a year at your request. Visit to request your credit report.

Lincoln Savings Bank wants you to understand possible threats to your money and how to spot them. The sooner you can respond to identity theft, the less financial impact it will have. At LSB, we take pride in keeping your accounts secure, but with today’s cyber-criminals, you can never be too careful. Take these steps to stay on top of your accounts and protect yourself. 

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