Matt Jenkins Answers Your Treasury Management Questions

posted Jasmyne Green 6/25/2019 in Business

When it comes to elevating your business to its fullest potential, it’s important to find financial partners who dream as big as you do.

At Lincoln Savings Bank, we know your time is better spent on the big picture rather focusing on the small daily details.

We’ve identified some common pain points from our customers’ experience with prior banking partners. Many times, small obstacles became big hurdles for business owners or operators.  With assistance from Lincoln Savings Bank’s Business Banking services, we believe we can assist in shrinking your upcoming obstacles to help your business grow and prosper.

Today we’d like to shed some light on several of these common pain points through a Q & A with Matt Jenkins, LSB Treasury Management Sales Manager.

Q: My current provider charges miscellaneous fees and makes me feel as though I’m not getting a sufficient return on my funds.

A: “In order to help our commercial customers make the most of their money, we offer above market earnings to ensure their funds are being put to work for them. While we still do have to charge for accounting and treasury service fees, we assess these fees, and work to keep them within the discussed limitations.” – Matt Jenkins, LSB Treasury Management Sales Manager

Q: At a past provider, I didn’t feel appreciated or valued as a customer, how is LSB Treasury Management different?

A: “We talk to our clients to ensure we are keeping their preferences in mind. LSB takes a proactive approach that helps determine the right solution offering for clients. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box in order to devise the best methods and satisfy our client’s needs.” – Matt Jenkins, LSB Treasury Management Sales Manager

Q: Technology is a big part of my business; how do I know LSB Treasury Management can keep up with my digital needs?

A: “We offer a complete menu of financial services to help you improve efficiency, maximize working capital, and manage risk. We also offer great ways to streamline accounts receivable and accounts payable which create a more convenient payment for your clients.  Our tools are not only powerful and flexible, but completely accessible through online banking, smartphone apps, and tablet apps.” – Matt Jenkins, LSB Treasury Management Sales Manager.

Q: Sometimes it feels like the people I’ve worked with in the past were underqualified. How does LSB Treasury Management keep their staff up-to-date on current industry information?

A: “We hire good people and then trust them to take care of our clients. We build off our team member strengths as well as streamlining sales processes for our teams and clients. We currently work with over 450 clients, and our team is proud to have over 50 years in cash and treasury management. LSB is positioned to offer our clients top-level technology with superior customer service.” – Matt Jenkins, LSB Treasury Management Sales Manager.

At Lincoln Savings Bank, we understand the gravity of deciding to switch financial providers. We want to ensure you have every confidence in your decision and are happy to answer any further questions about our team, services, and history. It would be our pleasure to assist you and your business as you continue to grow and develop. Contact one of our treasury management experts today to get started shrinking those obstacles.

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