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Erik Skovgard, CEO on Black Lives Matter

I recognize that the term “black lives matter” represents different things to many. To me, it says I realize the struggles Black people are facing, there is systemic racism in American, and I want to be part of the solution.

Events of the past several weeks have been a painful reminder that there is still much progress needed to end systemic racism in our country. George Floyd's death is inexcusable and heartbreaking, as are the deaths of countless other black Americans.

There is much work yet to do to end racism, stop injustice, and achieve equality. As CEO of Lincoln Savings Bank, I will work to make sure LSB has a diverse and inclusive culture and does our part to support our communities' efforts to improve. We support our black leaders, communities, customers, business owners, employees, and the calls for systemic changes to address inequality and injustice.

At LSB, we don't pretend to have all the answers, and we know we are not perfect, but we do have a passion for loving our employees and our customers. We also are not afraid of working hard, changing, and getting better. We want to do our part and that includes becoming more intentional and making a positive difference.

We will do better.

-Erik Skovgard, CEO, Lincoln Savings Bank

Last year Lincoln Savings Bank created its first Diversity and Inclusion Committee, with the mission of making all employees and customers feel welcome, included, and empowered within the organization. Through this initiative, LSB commits to creating and maintaining a workplace culture and environment in which everyone has an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business. LSB promises to hear the voice of every employee. LSB will continue to value and appreciate all employees for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in the company’s policy and procedures across LSB.

Listed below is our strategic plan as compiled by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee Leaders:

Diversity & inclusion Strategic Plan Year 1 (Jan 2020-Dec 2020)

Act Like Owners: Be a visible resource and champion for diversity and inclusion by creating an environment where employees feel welcomed, connected and valued.

Foster Superior Talent: Attract, recruit, retain and develop talent to reflect the communities we serve.

Cultivate Deeper Relationships: Enhance our future by providing diverse banking and financial services to the communities we serve. 

Build Strong Communities: Support inclusive efforts through financial means, volunteerism, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the communities we serve.

To learn more about our Diversity and Inclusions efforts, please visit our webpage, or reach out to our team by emailing or calling us at 800-588-7551.

Lincoln Savings Bank. Member FDIC

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