Lincoln Savings Bank is Celebrating Community Banking Month

posted 3/29/2018 in Community

This April, in celebration of Community Banking Month, Lincoln Savings Bank encourages everyone to consider what it means to bank locally.

Community banks like Lincoln Savings Bank take in deposits, distribute loans and feed into a self-sustaining micro-economy by keeping funds right here in our communities.

When you deposit money at Lincoln Savings Bank, those funds are used to support local businesses, homebuyers, and everyday consumers. The proceeds from those businesses employ local residents, fund municipalities, and continue the cycle of locally-based economic growth.

As we recognize April as Community Banking Month we want to thank our existing customers and urge those who we hope to count as future customers to consider what it means to bank locally and help sustain our communities today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Community banks are only successful if our customers and communities are too. That’s why the community bank and its relationship business model have thrived for more than 150 years. We know what it takes to create successful local economies—join us in helping to build a more sustainable, vibrant economy.

Lincoln Savings Bank is proud to be a community bank and to have a first-name relationship with our incredible customers. Stop by one of our locations this month to say hello or find out how your local branch is celebrating Community Banking Month!

Join us for the following events:

April 26 - Punch and cookies at the Cedar Falls Industrial Park branch
April 27 - Shred Day and Lunch at the Reinbeck branch
April 27 - Coffee and Donuts at the Ankeny branch

Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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