3 Ways to Go Green and Save Green this Spring

posted 5/7/2013 in General

The best part about spring is a toss up: the fresh scent in the air, the blooming flowers, budding trees or the warm feeling of sun on your face are all wonderful aspects of the season. Unfortunately, we have yet to really experience any of those things regularly here in Iowa, but there is perhaps no season that better connects us to nature than spring. That's why we at Lincoln Savings Bank would like to offer up a few tips to help you be environmentally savvy AND save money at the same time! 

How can you go green and save money?
Enroll in Online Banking- by enrolling in LSB's Online Banking program, you can check account balances, transfer funds, check for cleared checks and do other transactions from home. Though we love seeing all of our customers, think about it this way: less driving to the bank means less gas used, equaling less carbon dioxide in the air, more gas in your tank and more money in your bank account.
Sign up for Estatements- using less paper is a huge aspect of being environmentally conscious, and our Estatements allow you to do just that. By eliminating paper statements in favor of being able to view these documents online, you allow LSB to cut down on paper use. These statements also give you the benefit of viewing account information so that you can create a more efficient financial plan and be smarter with your money.
Think green at home- unplug your "vampire devices" when they aren't being used: TVs, stereos, computers, phone chargers (or turn off the power strips they use). Also use rechargeable batteries. While they cost more initially, most of them can be charged around 1000 times! That, and you'll be throwing away less used batteries, keeping landfills free of battery acid.
Through using Lincoln Savings Bank's Online Banking and Estatements you can easily have a positive impact on the outdoors while staying on top of your finances. What other ways can you think of to help the environment while saving money? Comment on our blog or post them to our Facebook page! We look forward to getting some great ideas!
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