5 Free Financial Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

posted 12/18/2013 in General

If you’ve been out shopping this month, there’s no doubt you’ve been scouring the prices of everything on your shopping list. We attach prices to things that have a certain value to them. However, think about what you got as gifts last year: do they still work? Have you outgrown them? Did they keep their value?  
We’ve already talked about the long lasting value of financial literacy this month, but we have five more free financial gifts that have great value and should be on your list this year.
A thirst for knowledge- how can you make smart financial decisions if you don’t know what your choices are? Blindly throwing money at things is a sure way to failure, as is letting someone else control your finances. The more you know, the more power you have over your financial future.
A planning day- everyone should take a day or two to sit down and figure out their current financial situation. Identify what you’re spending money on, how often money comes in and how you can cut down on costs. From there, you can develop…
Goals for your money- sure, it’s nice having a lot of money in a checking or savings account. But if it’s just sitting there, is it really helping you? Whether it’s going toward a savings goal for retirement, a down payment on a new home or purchasing a new vehicle, every dollar that comes in should have a purpose.
A little forgiveness- so, maybe last year wasn’t full of the best financial decisions. That’s alright; the best part is that there are always ways to make up for that. It may tough, and you may have to give up some creature comforts to get back on even ground, but it will be worth it in the end.
Your credit report- everyone gets one free peek at their credit score every year, so it’s a great idea to take advantage of that benefit.  Your credit score impacts everything from your ability to get a loan or credit card to your insurance premium rates, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it.
None of these “gifts” cost anything, so there’s no better time to implement these gifts. They can help you get a better perspective on your finances and a better financial position for the future. The staff at Lincoln Savings Bank can help you put your newfound plan into action, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. Good luck, and we hope to see you soon!
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