5 Tips for Warm Energy Savings this Fall and Winter

posted 10/16/2013 in General

As we touched on in our last blog post, fall brings with it the chillier weather Iowans know all too well. From cold, rainy days to gusting winds, the fall and upcoming winter can be harsh, making it a challenge to keep your home warm and cozy. Add to that the Farmer’s Almanac prediction for a colder and snowier winter for the Midwest, and things are looking pretty daunting.
Turning down the thermostat or using a programmable
thermostat can help reduce energy usage.
However, Lincoln Savings Bank would like to help you and your family stay warmer this winter and save money in the process. Here are a few ideas to prepare your home for colder weather that also help cut down on the heating bill.
Defeat the drafts- cold air that sneaks in anywhere there are small openings around doors can sap your home of anywhere between 5-30% of its heat. A “draft snake” or other draft reducing product can help keep your home warmer for very little cost to you.  Even a rolled towel tucked behind exterior door thresholds can help reduce drafts.
Change your air filter monthly- dirty and clogged up filters put more strain on your heating system, making it run longer to heat your house. Change your filter monthly to be sure your furnace runs efficiently.
Turn down your water heater- it sounds like the opposite of what you want to do during winter, but it will help save money. Most heaters are preset at 140 degrees, but turning it down to even a couple of degrees still provides warm enough water at a reduced cost.
Mind the thermostat- if you’re not home during the day, why waste energy to heat your home? If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to start heating your home a little before you get home in the evening so that it’s just the right temperature when you walk in the door. Also, for every degree you can lower your thermostat you’ll save 1-3% of your heating bill.
Cover the windows- we know covering your windows with plastic may seem tacky, but it really can help. Also, closing drapes can help with drafty windows.
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