5 Ways LSB+ Assists You in Achieving Your Best Financial Future

posted 2/28/2013 in General

Your finances can be a scary thing to face without guidance. What kind of checking and savings accounts should your money be in? What should you do with your old 401(k)s or IRAs? What's the most secure bet for the future: investing in the stock market or putting your money into a certificate of deposit (CD)? These are all critical questions you must face when looking to make your future as financially secure as possible, and the LSB+ program from Lincoln Savings Bank can help you find the right answers.
LSB+ is an engaging and comprehensive system in which our trained LSB+ Coordinators connect with you to gather financial information, consult, set goals and periodically review your progress. Instead of reacting to your financial issues, you can be proactive about them. Here's how our system works:
  • Assessment- you schedule an appointment and meet with an LSB+ coordinator for a short financial evaluation. You can complete this in one visit or over time.
  • Document review- our coordinators then review your current financial situation, along with any wills or other important documents to get a sense of where you are financially.
  • Goal definition- using what they have found in your assessment and document review, your coordinator will then help you define what your needs are, any obstacles you will face and your financial goals.
  • Contact- your LSB+ Coordinator will then contact the correct professionals within Lincoln Savings Bank to assist you with your plan.
  • Review- you can have your progress periodically reviewed to make sure you are staying on track with your needs and goals.
The LSB+ program allows us to constantly fulfill our core mission of being an engaged, life-long partner that helps our customers achieve their financial goals. For more information about the LSB+ program or to get started, contact the nearest Lincoln Savings Bank branch today.
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