5 Ways to Boost the Equity of Your Home this Summer

posted 6/24/2013 in General

Spring and summer are the most popular times of year for home buying and selling.  If you are considering selling your home, it's a good idea to take a critical look at it before you list.  Many people think that boosting your home's equity costs a lot of money.  Truth is there are many things you can do for very little money to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market. So take a look, then get to work!
Painting the interior walls of your home can add significant value

Clean and De-clutter

Buyers want to visualize themselves in your home, and that's hard to do with a lot of your stuff in the way. Make sure carpets are cleaned, all cabinets, drawers and closets are cleaned and organized, and keep your bathrooms sparkling. Average cost: $100-200, home price increase: $1500-2000

Replace or Shampoo Carpets 

Your carpet should appear clean and not come with an odor. Those that are odorless can be cleaned, while smelly carpets should be replaced with an odorless and neutral color carpet. Average cost: $400-500, home price increase: $1000-1500

Brighten Things Up

The more light you can get into your home, the better. Clean all windows, shutters, blinds and drapes, install the brightest light bulbs possible at the right wattage and prune trees to make sure they aren't blocking any light. Average cost: $200-300, home price increase: $1000-1500

Tame the Yard

Landscaping is a must since many buyers will judge a home based solely on "curb appeal." Remove all clutter and dead/dying plants, trim/prune grass, bushes, hedges, trees, and edge and trim to give the yard a nice boundary. Average cost: $300-400, home price increase: $1500-2000

Give Your Home Interior a Fresh Coat

Whether it's touching up or completely repainting a room, getting it right means prepping right. Repair nicks or cracks in the drywall, sand down patched areas prime, and be sure to use a quality paint. Average cost: $500-750, home price increase: $1500-2000

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