7 Easy Home Fixes for Keeping Your Cooling Bill Low

posted 7/17/2015 in General

After a cold winter, the first few warm weeks of summer feel like a vacation! However, as the early summer warmth turns into mid-season heat, our energy bills start to take a hit.
The good news is there are some simple things you can do to your home to conserve energy while also keeping you cool.  Lincoln Savings Bank has some tips for keeping your cooling bill low throughout July and August.
  1. Using heavy duty or dark curtains can keep the sun from beating into your home. Be especially aware of the west and south facing areas of the home because those spaces are targeted by the sun during the day.
  2. Avoid using the oven and stovetop. These appliances can quickly heat up not only the kitchen, but the entire house. Use smaller appliances like the microwave or toaster oven as they use much less energy, and take advantage of grilling outside to avoid added heat indoors.
  3. Circulating air throughout the house with box fans will increase the flow of the air conditioning to each room without paying as much on your utility bill.
  4. Weather stripping the doors will keep cool air in and seal the cracks that can quickly become costly.
  5. Utilize your basement. A good way to stay cool in the summertime is to hang out in the basement as it is the coolest spot in the house.
  6. Don’t cool unused areas. Close doors and registers in rooms that are not occupied by your family.
  7. Install an automatic setback on your thermostat so your air will lower the temperature shortly before you get home. This will save you money because it cuts back on costs during times of the day that you are not around.
These easy household fixes can help you save money on your energy costs while staying cool in the summer heat.  Enjoy your summer and contact Lincoln Savings Bank for all of your financial needs!
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