Agriculture: Keeping Iowa Strong

posted 5/9/2013 in General

Anyone who's lived in Iowa or even just driven through our state can see how important agriculture is to our economy. As a national leader in the production of corn and soybeans, Iowa and its farmers help feed and supply not just Iowans, but the nation as a whole. To put it simply, agriculture is the backbone of our state.

Iowa produces more sweet corn than any other state each year.

Lincoln Savings Bank is proud to be able to help farmers and their families in and around the communities we serve manage their finances, purchase new equipment and keep their crops protected from natural disasters or bad weather.
The importance of crop insurance for farming families can't be understated. Last year's drought in Iowa and throughout the Midwest hit many farming operations hard. For those that don't know, crop insurance protects agricultural producers and farmers against loss of crop yields due to natural disasters such as hail, drought or flooding. There are also other insurance options available from Lincoln Savings Bank to help Iowa farmers succeed and strengthen our state's economy.
For anyone who knows farmers or who puts in the long hours as part of an agricultural operation, you know how hard the work is and the dedication it takes. We would like to remind everyone to watch for farming equipment on the roads this season. If you see farming equipment on the road ahead, be sure to do these three things:
  • Take proper action to give them plenty of space
  • Remember that they are working hard and having huge impact on our economy, AND
  • Honk and give them a smile and wave, because they've definitely earned it! 
We hope that all of our agricultural customers have success during this planting and growing season and that they weather stays favorable! If you have any questions as to how Lincoln Savings Bank can help you and your farming operation, don't hesitate to contact the branch nearest you!
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