Be Presidential: An Honest Abe Halloween Costume Tutorial

posted 10/24/2013 in General

There is no president in our country’s history as recognizable as Abraham Lincoln, the namesake of Lincoln Savings Bank.  From the stovepipe top hat to the beard, “Honest Abe” cut quite a figure back in his day. That’s why we figured there’s no greater costume for your child this Halloween than being The Great Emancipator himself! 
Cute Lincoln Costume
Now there's a costume that makes your child look 
absolutely presidential! 
With Halloween just days away, we’ve put together an Abe Lincoln Halloween Costume “How-To” including the materials you’ll need and how to put everything together.
The Top Hat
This may be a little tricky depending on the size of your child’s head. One method we found was to use an empty oatmeal can and circular cut piece of cardboard wrapped in black duct tape. It can be secured by using a piece of thin elastic string that slides down under the chin.
The Beard
You can cut out a beard from brown felt and use spirit gum to attach it to your face. You can also use synthetic hair or draw on a beard if you’re in a pinch. Remember, its beard only, no mustache!
The Black Bow Tie
Lincoln was famous for wearing either a black bow tie or cravat. Make sure you get that detail right for you or your child’s costume.
Everything Else
Black pants and a white shirt should be easy enough, but the jacket is where you may run into trouble. Try to find a child-size suit at a thrift store, or borrow one from a friend or family member.

We would also love to see anyone who’s dressing up as Honest Abe, so be sure to post a picture of your Abe to our Facebook page. From all of us at Lincoln Savings Bank, we hope everyone has a safe Halloween full of spooks, scares and of course, lots of candy from trick-or-treating!
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