Blue Zones and LSB: Working Toward the Future Health of Iowans

posted 12/11/2012 in General

As a community bank, Lincoln Savings Bank believes it is essential that we work to help our communities stay vibrant, healthy and growing. One way that LSB is working toward this goal is through supporting the Blue Zones Project, which strives to make Iowa the healthiest state by 2016.

Corey Clark is serving in Waterloo Power 9 committee that helped bring Blue Zone Project to Cedar Valley.
Corey Clark, Senior VP at LSB.
The project, a partnership between Blue Zones®, Healthways and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, provides funding and resources to chosen cities in Iowa, such as Waterloo, to help residents make healthy lifestyle changes. Like other Blue Zones projects, this one will have a community-based approach to improve the way Iowans live, work and play to improve their physical, emotional and social health.
In our community, LSB is at work in various ways to make a difference in the health of our friends and neighbors. Here's a look at what we are doing:
  •          Corey Clark, Senior VP/Business Development Officer, has been active serving as a member of the Waterloo "Power 9" committee.  The Power 9 committee is responsible for leading the development of a strategic "blueprint" for the city of Waterloo.  This blueprint acknowledges the unique opportunities and needs of Waterloo, and will serve as an outline of work that will be coordinated and implemented in the years ahead.

  •          LSB will work to help improve people's emotional health through addressing matters that cause financial stress.  While not incorporated in the formal blueprint described above, LSB is well aware that if financial stress is ignored, like physical and mental stress, it can be unhealthy. LSB has developed a process, called LSB+, to work with individuals on developing a plan that will address their financial stress issues.  LSB will also provide educational seminars to assist in dealing with financial stress.

  •          LSB's various branches and workplaces will be learning what it means to be "Blue Zones Designated" in order to promote and live a healthier lifestyle.


We hope you will join LSB in working together toward a healthier future for the Waterloo community and for the entire state of Iowa. 
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*based on the 2012 FDIC Deposit Market Share Report.
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