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If you are looking for delicious fair food and exciting entertainment, the Bremer County Fair is the place to be at the end of July. Iowa summers are filled with exciting county fairs and Lincoln Savings Bank is proud to sponsor this year’s fair because it has so much to offer for everyone in the family. The Bremer County Fair is great if you are looking to entertain the entire family on a budget. We will provide you with some information about how you can take the family to the fair at little cost.

The fair runs from July 27th through August 2nd and each day during the fair there are many free event opportunities like cooking classes and a family movie night. The fair boasts free admission and parking, making the events more budget friendly for all. If your family plans to attend free events, this leaves room in the budget for a funnel cake to share or each of the kids can pick something delicious to try.

Fair food can range from bargain priced to high priced, depending on what you are looking to eat. The average price per item when it comes to fair food is under $5. If your family wants to save money, eat dinner at home before the fair and go to the fair for dessert or a small snack. The kids will still be excited that they are at the fair and get to pick out a treat, all while saving you money.

On July 27th, if you are looking for family fun at a low cost, the fair has thrilling entertainment. The farm truck and tractor pulls do have an admission price of $10 per person, but children five and under are free. On July 29th, the fair is running a special of $3 off the carnival wristbands that get unlimited rides. If your family wants to experience the rides, this is the easiest and most convenient way to have some fun.

If you’re looking for something to do, we encourage you to get out to Waverly sometime during the Bremer County Fair and have fun!

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