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Budget Family Vacations

posted 7/3/2014 in General

Whether you are looking to go abroad, across the country or on a cruise, Lincoln Savings Bank has ideas for vacations within your budget. You may be looking into taking the family somewhere in August or maybe you want to tuck this information away for the future. We have options for budget family vacations no matter where your destination may be. Although the Midwest has many great options for vacation spots, there are budget-friendly getaways everywhere.

Budget Family Vacations:

Cruise to the Bahamas:

With so many cruise lines, it is easy to find cruise deals because the options are endless. Depending on additional options, a family of four could go on a four night cruise to the Bahamas for under $400 a person, including food. Flight is a major added cost, but you can shop around for the best deal in the most convenient city for you.

Traveling to Europe:

Before considering traveling abroad, remember a passport is needed for every member of the family and they do come with a price tag. Europe can be a great place for the kids because they are at the age where their imaginations are soaring. To start, center your trip on a specific monument or place of interest, like the Eiffel Tower or Roman Colosseum. If you go during an off season, money can be saved. By surfing the web, deals can be found for flight plus hotel around $1,700 a person.

Vacationing in the United States:

Whether you choose to fly or drive, our native soil offers a variety of options for families:

  • Head south to Alabama or Florida for a budget-friendly family getaway.  The gulf coast can be a relaxing and a fun-filled trip for all. Gulf Shores, Alabama is about a 16-hour trip, depending where you are in Iowa.  It is a quiet beach for the family with many options for lodging. If the family is looking to head to Florida, there are beautiful beaches everywhere. Siesta Key, Florida offers plenty of activities for the family besides the turquoise waters.  

  • Head West for adventure and a dazzling variety of natural wonders.  The rugged terrain of the Rockies or Sierra Nevada mountains will provide hours of awe-inspiring views.  The US’s first national park, Yellowstone, offers natural geysers, animals, mountains and endless natural beauty.  Redwoods National Park offers the grandeur of giant redwood trees, and has over 300,000 visitors per year.  Visit the Grand Canyon to see the magnificence of what millions of years of water have done to cut through rock.  Carlsbad Caverns consist of 30 miles of vaulted halls and maze-like passages adorned with dazzling formations.

  • The Northeast offers a mix of old-world charm and early American history, as well as a blend of quaint small towns and the hustle and bustle of big cities.  Whether you choose to see the Liberty Bell in Boston, visit Colonial Williamsburg,  marvel at the Statue of Liberty or head north to dine on fresh lobster at one of Maine’s coastal towns, the attractions are endless.

We hope we have gotten you excited about the many vacation opportunities out there for your family!  Lincoln Savings Bank knows it’s important to get away and enjoy time with family.  If you are looking to start saving money for a vacation, talk with one of our financial advisors about setting up a savings account, or CLICK HERE to apply online.

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