Data Theft: Keeping Your Confidential Information out of Reach

posted 4/25/2013 in General

Our security measures prevent others from stealing your password, PIN or other secure information.
Scams. Hackers. Phishing schemes. You hear about all of these threats nightly on news broadcasts or on news websites. You may have been the target of one already. But things can get really scary when you start thinking about these threats and if they go after your banking information with Lincoln Savings Bank. We are here to assure you that, despite the advances in efforts by these criminals to access and steal your personal information, we follow the best practices in keeping it out of reach.

When it comes to personal information, account numbers and other vital bits of data, only the Lincoln Savings Bank employees that need to use them for transactions have access to them. Through special training and education programs, our employees learn the value of confidential information and how to protect against data theft.
Our physical, electronic and procedural safeguards meet federal security standards, and our technology is regularly tested to make sure that any weaknesses are pinpointed and fixed. If we notice discrepancies in any information or account, we act swiftly to correct them.
It is important to us that your personal information stays secure. You trust us with valuable financial and personal information. We take our responsibility in keeping this data private and out of other people's hands seriously, and work every day to protect it.
You can also take steps to prevent this from happening. Never send any emails with account information or personal information. If you haven't seen our blog post or video about identifying phishing scams, you can see it here.
At Lincoln Savings Bank, we want you to have a great experience with us, and keeping your personal and account information safe and secure is a huge part of that process. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly or look over our privacy policy.
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