DIY Costume Ideas for a Thrifty Halloween

posted 10/22/2013 in General

All of these costume ideas come on a budget. What smart money costumes can you come up with?
Who remembers the good old days when you could toss an old sheet over your head, cut out some eye holes and hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating as a ghost? 
We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween at Lincoln SavingsBank! Our “treat” for you is a break from the regular financially-focused blog articles to share some do-it-yourself (DIY) costume ideas. We couldn’t completely abandon our financial roots - many of these ideas will have you looking great for less cost than buying a costume. Saving money and using your creative energy!
You may need basic craft skills for some of these costumes, but most of them are very easy to make. 
  • Bats are a staple of Halloween. This bat costume is easy if you have some black clothes and an old black umbrella lying around!
  • It wouldn’t be Halloween without vampires!  The costume is simple: slicked back hair, white face paint, a piece of black fabric for a cape and of course, some red paint or fake blood by the mouth.
  • Did you love Legos as a kid? Bring back the blocks with this great costume! 

Going out as a couple or partner this year for Halloween? We have some great ideas!
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