Eating Healthy On a Budget

posted 3/26/2015 in General

With warmer weather comes the urge to be outside and live healthier. The biggest thing you can do to help your overall health is to eat as healthy as possible. This often times is associated with the more expensive all natural and organic foods in your grocer’s health section. But there are many ways you can eat healthy without emptying your checking account.

Try these tips for eating healthy on a budget from Lincoln Savings Bank. They will help you work toward a healthier you, both financial and in your overall well-being.

Cook More of Your Own Food

It’s healthier and costs less per serving than eating out or purchasing ready-made meals. You don’t have to be a master chef to cook either, as there are plenty of online resources to help you add basic cooking skills to your arsenal.

Plan Your Meals

When you sit down and think about what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, you are able to determine if what you are eating is actually good for you. Otherwise, you are making snap judgments that may not be best for your health. This also forces you to…

Always Shop with a List

A list limits your spending. How? By writing your list down, you are helping your brain commit to it. Then, when you are in the store, you can use the list as a filter for what goes into your basket or cart. If something isn’t on the list, it stays on the shelf.

Quick and Easy Recipes

We recommend finding a few recipes that are healthy and don’t require too many ingredients or too much time to prepare. Time and money are two main barriers for doing more cooking at home, so the more you can do to remove those obstacles the more inclined you will be to cook your own food.

Don’t Shop Hungry

This will more than likely result in more food than you need and unhealthy snacks making it into your cart.

Try Creating a Small Garden

Certain produce like tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and peppers can be easily grown in your backyard. The freshness of your produce helps it taste better than store-bought produce, and it is free of chemicals you may find on produce from the store.

Store Things Correctly

Have you made something amazing or had great produce that went bad because you didn’t store it correctly or eat it fast enough? Learning how to store leftovers and the shelf life certain produce can help you waste less money by throwing out less food.

If you can, we recommend buying local if possible. The produce is fresher, healthier for you and helps out local producers as well. Good luck on your journey to better health and finances!

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