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Financial Stocking Stuffers: Our Favorite Money Tips for You!

posted 12/30/2013 in General

Even though Christmas has past, Lincoln Savings Bank still wants to offer up a “gift” of some of our favorite money tips. These come from past blog posts as well as other sources, and serve as gifts that keep on giving. 
Invest in yourself- your earning power is the greatest financial asset you’ll ever have. Better yourself, increase your skills and unlock your earning potential.
Pay yourself first- we’ve said it a million times, so here’s a million in one. Your first payment with any income should be to yourself to help further your goals.
Live simply today for a better tomorrow- we all have future goals and they’re easier to reach with a little delayed gratification on our part now.
Budget, budget, budget- you should always know where your money is going and how much is going to each place.
Start saving for your future early- retirement may be far off for you, but thanks to a little thing called compound interest you can build up a great retirement fund by starting early with small contributions.
Protect the things you love most- no one likes thinking about negative possibilities in life, but they happen. Insure yourself and protect your loved ones.
Borrow sparingly- pay for as much up front as you can. You don’t want to go through life owing others money or having your finances controlled by others.
Be your own best advocate- unfortunately, there are people that aren’t interested in your well being, just your money. If you think you’re being treated unfairly, speak up.
Never stop learning- when it comes to your money and financial future, you can never be overeducated. Use your wisdom to make intelligent decisions.
Lincoln Savings Bank hopes everyone has wonderful holidays full of family and friends. We’ll be back after the holidays!
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