Fraud Monitoring Services Offered at LSB

posted 9/26/2017 in General

Does the recent Equifax breach have you wondering if your bank account is safe?

Lincoln Savings Bank employs rigorous security procedures and examinations to protect customer data and sensitive information. The following Lincoln Savings Bank Fraud Detection services help detect fraudulent debit card and online banking transactions:
  • Debit Card Fraud Detection - Lincoln Savings Bank has partnered with SHAZAM to offer SHAZAM BOLT$ and FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager so you can better monitor activity on your debit card and receive alerts about suspect purchases. SHAZAM BOLT$ is a fraud-transaction-alerting, balance-monitoring and ATM-locator application. FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager uses advanced algorithms and established card activity to identify potentially fraudulent transaction activity in real time on customers’ LSB debit cards.
  • Online Banking Fraud Detection - To keep online banking transactions safe, we utilize Risk and Fraud Analytics, a tool that is constantly monitoring the activity of our online customers to detect and stop fraudulent attempts. If we detect unusual activity, we will contact you to verify if it's valid.
In addition to these fraud detection services, we suggest using the following tips to keep your online baking secure:
  • Do not use the same password for various accounts. It may be easier to remember only one password for your Facebook, online banking, and email; however, you should never use the same password. If a hacker finds one, they have access to every other account you have.
  • Avoid accessing accounts on unsecure networks. It is best practice to not use hotel or airport Wi-Fi or public computers to look at banking information. Hackers can access your information from these types of networks more easily.
  • Change your password frequently. Consider changing your password every month.
  • Use Bill Pay to pay vendors without exposing card or account information.  Payments are sent to vendors via secure 3rd parties via ACH or check, so customer account information is never shared. 
We hope this information will help you, our customers, better protect yourselves against new threats. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we do our best to provide up to date information and top level security procedures to keep your accounts safe and secure. 

Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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