Gifts for Grads: Ideas for Your Graduating Senior

posted 5/8/2014 in General

Whether you’re giving a gift or need ideas for what to do with your graduation money, here are a few smart gift ideas.

Graduation time is upon us! From high school to college, thousands of students around Iowa will be taking the next step in their lives, whether it’s preparing for college or for entering the “real world”. One thing graduates may also be looking forward to is graduation gifts.  However, if you have multiple grads in your life you need to get gifts for, things can get pricey in a hurry.

That’s why Lincoln Savings Bank is providing you with a few gift ideas that a) won’t bust your bank account, and b) will be both appreciated and used by the special grads in your life. We’ll also provide some ideas for grads that end up with a pile of cash or gift cards.

Ideas for Gift-Givers

A gift basket- this is a simple, yet very beneficial gift. Whether your graduate is going away to college or entering the workforce, essentials such as a storage container filled with a detergent, a first aid kit or other lifestyle items will definitely be appreciated and used.

A small toolkit- a toolkit with the essentials, like this one, can help even the un-handiest of grads get simple fixes done.

Desk supplies- grads really don’t want to spend what money they have on supplies pens, paper and other supplies, so make these inexpensive purchases for them and put them together in a gift basket.

Room accessories- your grad will need to decorate, whether it’s a dorm room or apartment, and there are plenty of inexpensive accessories to choose from.

The standards- if all else fails, you can also go with the traditional cash or gift card. This allows your graduate to have some flexibility in their gift.

Ideas for Graduates

Alright, so you’ve just graduated and you now have more money – cash or checks – than you know what to do with, as well as a few gift cards. While some great ideas may spring to mind immediately, be sure they meet the following criteria: Is it something you can use for a long time? Is it something you will actually use? Is it something that will make your life easier or better? Here are some ideas:

  • Cash- for those entering college, a laptop for use in and out of class would be handy. You can also use cash to purchase some comfy bedding or other items for your dorm, since you’ll spend a lot of time here. For college grads, cash can be used to make a deposit on a new apartment, to fix up your current car (instead of as a down payment on a new one), or for “grown up” items like tableware, shower towels or anything you will use every day.  Stashing your cash in an FDIC-insured savings account will help you get started with emergency cash reserves, so you won’t be forced to use credit when life throws unexpected expenses at you.

  • Gift cards- think about what you really need from the particular store, and scout out what they have to offer. Even though a gift card isn’t money out of your pocket, you still want to be cautious in spending it.

Lincoln Savings Bank wants to congratulate all of our high school and college graduates who are ready to make the next step in life. Good luck to you, as well as to graduation gift givers. We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration. If you have a larger gift in mind, Lincoln Savings Bank as a few options available, so feel free to come see us today!

Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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