Great Ways to Save Money on Your Next Shopping Bill

posted 7/30/2014 in General

Save money on groceries

Lincoln Savings Bank (LSB) wants to help you save on your next trip to the store.  According to a USDA survey from May 2014, buying healthy foods for a family of four ranges from $131 to $299 per week. That has increased since five years ago, but there are ways you can save money at the grocery store besides clipping coupons out of the paper.

If you own a smart phone or mobile device, there are a number of apps and sites that offer a convenient, mobile way of presenting a coupon or special offer. Many stores, such as Target’s Cartwheel app, deliver money saving offers and coupons on your mobile device.  A quick Google search reveals a number of money-saving apps available for both iOS and Android.

See below for a list of items to avoid when you are at the store.  We’ll bet you can still meet your family’s needs without these over-priced purchases.

1.Gift credit cards

When you need a gift – fast – it’s easy to reach for gift credit cards at the grocery store. Many come with a pretty steep activation fee though. Try a store gift card or gift certificate instead. You’ll save the activation fee and still have the benefit of a gift that works for anyone.

2.Greeting cards

Instead of dropping $4 on a card that will most likely end up in the recycling bin, buy cards in bulk. Most stores that carry greeting cards offer a package of cards or Amazon offers a 50-pack of nice greeting cards and envelopes for about $10. You’ll be stocked up for quite some time.

3.Expensive spices

Skip the over-priced, tiny bottles and visit a health food store to buy spices that are sold in bulk. You can still buy a small amount at a time, and it’s much cheaper than the grocery store brands.

4.Party supplies

Even though it’s nice to get party food and supplies all in one stop, get the supplies at the dollar store. You’ll find everything you need for a much lower price.


Not only are these mini pre-packaged meals way more expensive than a turkey sandwich or leftovers for lunch, they’re horribly unhealthy. Skip ‘em.


Grocery stores up the price of batteries because they know you’ll pay – you often need them immediately. Avoid this if you can and buy them in bulk at Costco or on Amazon.

7.Bottled water

Don’t waste money and create more waste on something you can already get for free at home. Buy a home purification system and a durable, reusable water bottle to replicate them.


These are already expensive, and grocery stores mark them up because they’re often a need-this-right-now purchase. Buy them in bulk for less at a drugstore sale, Costco or through Amazon’s Mom Program.

LSB wants you to shop smart this school year, so take these tips to lower your next shopping bill and rack up the savings!   

Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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