Guide for a Fun, Inexpensive Spring Break

posted 3/17/2015 in General

With spring comes the “holiday” kids across the country love the most: Spring Break. While this may conjure up images of expensive trips to tropical locations, those can be expensive and require a good deal of advanced planning. If your kids want to have a lot of fun during Spring Break, but you don’t have the financial resources to go anywhere, there are plenty of ways you can make a “staycation” well worth it.

Lincoln Savings Bank has your back with the following ways to make Spring Break an amazing experience for both you and your kids without the costs associated with air travel and hotel accommodations.

Have a Movie Day

Turn your home into a movie theater all day. Everyone gets to pick one movie they love or haven’t seen yet. You can also grab some popcorn, Junior Mints or other small packages of candy to set the mood. Throw a bunch of pillows in front of the TV, hang a dark colored blanket over the window for a better viewing environment and enjoy!

Get Your Game On

From card games to board games and even outdoor games if the weather allows, this day is all about some good fun with your kids. You can even have your kids invite over other friends who are also in town. Just be sure to set ground rules about being good sports no matter who wins or loses.

Read and Relax

Take a trip to the library with your kids to find some great books for them to read. When you come home, have everyone split up, find a comfortable spot and read. You can make some hot chocolate or other goodies to help your kids relax as they read and stimulate their minds.

Take Things Outdoors

If the weather permits, it would be great to get your kids outside for a day. Possible ideas include a picnic at a local park, walking trails and exploring creeks around where you live. Yard games like bags, washers, yard golf and more are also good ideas to keep your kids entertained.

Visit the Nearest Zoo or Aquarium

If you live within an hour of a zoo or aquarium, a day trip to see all of the animals can be fun. You can even set up a scavenger hunt or game to make the visit more entertaining and educational for your kids.

Backyard Campout

This is another idea that depends largely on the weather. If it is clear and warm enough, turn your backyard into a campsite. Set up a tent complete with pads and sleeping bags, yard games and a campfire if possible. Try to do as much cooking over the fire as possible, and don’t forget the s’mores!

If you have other ideas for staycation ideas for Spring Break, feel free to comment on the post for this blog on our Facebook page. We hope your Spring Break is a good one whatever your plans are, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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