How to Handle Vacation Finances

posted 5/29/2013 in General

Summer is coming soon, and so too are the crowds of vacationers hitting tourist spots around the country. If you and your family are thinking of taking a trip this summer, there are a few financial items you need to take care of first before hitting the beach, mountains or wherever your trip takes you:
Having your finances in check means more relaxation on vacation.

·         Make a checklist of monetary items you need: cash, your debit and credit cards, traveler's checks or foreign currency if you are headed out of the country. You wouldn't want to get to your destination and realize you forgot something!
·         Notify Lincoln Savings Bank of your travel plans: this way we know not be worried when we see charges appearing from your vacation location.
·         Pay any upcoming bills ahead of time: you can do this easily through LSB's OnlineBanking. You can also use Mobile Banking to make sure any checks you wrote cleared to avoid late fees or penalties.Get it done before you go so you don't worry about it while you're supposed to be enjoying yourself!
{C}·         {C}Have your mail held: while a good portion of your mail is junk, some of it may have important personal or financial information contained in it. That's not something you want sitting in your mailbox for days.
·         Check your Online Banking: yes, you're on vacation, but financial surprises can ruin a great trip. Check in with your Online Banking or Mobile Banking once a day just to be sure everything is going smoothly
There are these and many other ways to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation without any additional financial issues. Be sure to check back  here regularly for any other updates regarding vacation finances or other monetary issues you should be aware of. As always, you can get in contact with any of our branches if you need help of any kind. We hope to hear from you soon!
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