Important Online Security Updates for April 14, 2015

posted 4/14/2015 in General

Important Online Security Update!

With hackers constantly trying to prey on unprotected Internet users everywhere, online security is a concern on everyone’s mind. It’s important to keep your software updated regularly to reduce the risk of sharing our confidential files with unwanted visitors. Today, April 14, 2015, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle announced updates for popular software programs used by many consumers online. Please update all your internet-enabled devices with the most recent updates so you can rest easier. 

Adobe released an update to their Flash Player to fix at least 22 flaws that pose potential security threats to users. These flaws could potentially allow a hacker to take control of a user’s system to access sensitive files. Users of both Macintosh & Windows operating systems should update to the current version if their system did not already update automatically. When updating from Adobe, be sure to unclick any unwanted add-ons that may be included in the download.

Microsoft’s patch addresses 11 security concerns with their applications, including four critical security concerns that could allow a hacker access without the user even entering a malicious website. These fixes will appear in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, .NET, and Windows itself and should be downloaded as soon as possible directly from Microsoft.

Oracle’s Java program also received a large critical patch update that will fix 15 security holes in its software. The latest update is Java 8 Update 45, and it is highly recommended that all users update as quickly as possible, as Oracle has ended all support for Java 7 after the recent update. It’s also recommended to consider removing Java completely if you have no specific use for the software. The commonly installed program is a leading target of hackers trying to install malware and viruses on your computer.

These recent updates will help protect your sensitive files, but you should always make sure to be careful what you store on your computer and post online. Your comfort and security are always a top priority for us at Lincoln Savings Bank.

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