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Inexpensive Gift Giving: Who Said "Expensive" Means the "Best?"

posted 12/22/2014 in General

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s the thought that counts?” It’s a mantra many of us could probably use during the holiday season. Between the latest high-tech gadget and high-priced clothing and toys, it may be hard to shop for everyone you want to give a gift to this holiday season without going overboard.

However, Lincoln Savings Bank has come up with a few ways to give great gifts without killing your budget or maxing out your credit card. Besides, who said the best gifts were the most expensive ones anyway?

Feed their passion- our family members have different passions that would be a great starting point. If they like cooking, for example, you can find some great kitchen tools for relatively cheap. You can also help start or contribute to something they are saving for, whether it’s a trip, grad school or something they need to chase their passion.

Homemade gifts- think about passions you have. If you’re nifty with a needle in your hands, handmade blankets, scarves or cozies would be a nice gift. If you’re a kitchen whiz, baked goods or another tasty creation would suffice. Other hobbies such as woodworking, painting, graphic design or photography can also be used to create awesome, budget-friendly gifts.

Something a little more heartwarming- these types of gifts work well for parents and grandparents. This is something like taking them to dinner or visiting with them every month. You can get creative with this by creating a “gift card” or punch card to go along with this. Another creative avenue to look at is refurbishing a family heirloom or have old photos touched up.

Low-dollar gift cards- let’s say your sister is a big coffee drinker; a $10 gift card to her favorite coffee house would be appreciated. The great things about gift cards is that a) they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and b) they give the card recipient a choice about how to spend it.

What other ideas do you have for budget-friendly gifts?

We hope these tips give you ideas for meaningful gifts to give this holiday season. If there’s any way Lincoln Savings Bank, simply call or stop by your nearest LSB office today!

Lincoln Savings Bank, member FDIC

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