It's Pet Madness at Lincoln Savings Bank

posted 4/1/2016 in General

Pet Madness at Lincoln Savings Bank supports Kidquest in Aplington, IA

March was full of madness at Lincoln Savings Bank, but it had nothing to do with basketball. For the past few months, Lincoln Savings Bank has hosted the Pet Madness contest where all employees were given the opportunity to submit their favorite furry friends to compete head to head in a bracket style battle. With 64 pets submitted, employees and friends were then asked to go to Facebook and vote on each matchup weekly. The competition was ruff but only one could be crowned the winner. And after seven weeks of fur-ocious battles, Harley, an energetic Yellow Lab belonging to Melanie Groeneveld of Aplington, took home the trophy.

But beyond the fun tie to March Madness, the competition had a deeper, more community centered motive. Each employee was also asked to select a non-profit which their pet would compete for. The winner would get $500 donated on their behalf to the selected non-profit. “We love the opportunity for our employees and customers to engage with us socially and having our beloved pets compete in a bracket during March seemed like a fun way to do so,” stated Angela Evans, VP of Online and Electronic Services at Lincoln Savings Bank. “But one of our core values is to build strong communities and we know that our local non-profits are the foundation. Giving the prize to one of them was the logical choice and our employees were excited at the chance to be a part of it.”

Kidquest Preschool and Daycare is the non-profit for which Harley competed. Kidquest is a non-profit incorporated in 1991 in Aplington, Iowa whose mission is to assist parents by teaching and providing an environment for “learning and loving.” Having been on the Founding Board of Directors, Melanie has always seen the Kidquest mission as important.

Harley and Melanie were able to deliver their $500 prize to a few of the children at Kidquest this week. The money will go towards a new mat in their infant room as well as an industrial dishwasher.

While the $500 charity donation was the primary prize, Lincoln Savings Bank couldn’t let Harley’s human, Melanie, go home empty handed. In addition to the monetary donation, Melanie and the staff of Aplington will enjoy a pizza luncheon to celebrate the victory. “It’s great to work for a company that recognizes the importance of giving to our local non-profits,” stated Melanie. “The pizza luncheon, however, is a nice touch!”

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