Learning to Appreciate your Income

posted 7/7/2014 in General

“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.” If you are having difficulties finding reasons to appreciate your income, now is the time to look a little deeper and see that you have plenty of reasons to be thankful. Learning to appreciate your income can be difficult if you feel as though you work a thankless job or feel underpaid and overworked. The average income around the world is under $10,000 per year. Is this starting to make you feel better?

Many of us are guilty of feeling as if our paycheck does not live up to the standard of living we had hoped for.  Lincoln Savings Bank understands it might be difficult to appreciate your income because our society is full of messages and advertising that convinces us that more is better.   But consider that many people in the world will never have the opportunity to know what it feels like to make over $10,000.

Learning to appreciate your income:

  • Start with appreciating yourself as an individual. You know you do good work at your job. It is important to be self-aware and realize that you are capable of achieving whatever you wish.

  • If your income doesn’t seem like enough, find ways to be spending savvy. Start using coupons, catch a ride to work, or save on entertainment by attending free events.

  • Sell used clothes to a secondhand shop. Summer is the ideal time to look through old clothes and decide if you are actually going to wear them again.

  • Learn to cook your favorite restaurant dishes. Pinterest is a great resource for finding restaurant recipes from many different places.

  • Organize your expenses and income. At the beginning of each month, make a budget so you know which bills are due and when. This will also help you to see what you have left after everything is paid for.

If you still don’t feel like you appreciate your income, check out the Global Rich List to see where your income lands among others in the world. Learning to appreciate your income is the first step to being thankful for what you have.

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