Lincoln Love

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Lincoln Love

This week has us feeling extra thankful for all our employees at Lincoln Savings Bank, and we're proud to announce our 2016 Lincoln Love award winners! These employees were nominated by their fellow employees for their commitment to going above and beyond to love the people they work with and the customers they serve

Rookie of the Year

This award is in recognition of an employee who has been with LSB for less than 12 months who has made a significant impact in their department, market, or bank-wide. 

Michele Knaack - Lincoln Savings Bank - Waterloo, IAWinner - Michele Knaack

Michele re-joined LSB in May after an 8 year absence and has never been better!  Michele received 11 nominations and she has lifted the entire Cedar Valley with her efforts! 

“Michele has made an immediate positive impact on the Retail Department, Waterloo Office, and Cedar Valley team. Michele has a passion and energy for serving and marketing. She is always selling LSB and serving our clients. Her positivity is contagious. You can't help but be happy and full of energy when you are around her!”

Congratulations, Michele! We can’t wait to see what you have planned for your second year!

Servant Leader Award

This award is in recognition of an employee who demonstrates outstanding community involvement and or service to fellow employees.

Christine Rolf - Lincoln Savings Bank in Waterloo, IAWinner - Christine Rolf

Christine has been with LSB since 2010.  Christine has been a leader in the community as well as at LSB.  She has a true servant’s heart and we are so excited to honor her with this award!

“Christine is always busy.  Always busy helping someone.  Whether that is here at LSB or in her community. She was the long time board president for the school her children attend.  She is quick to volunteer for Community/Charity events that LSB sponsors.  She has been a regular JA volunteer.  At LSB she is a coach and mentor to her team”

Congratulations, Christine!

Hall of Fame Award

This award is reserved for an employee with at least 20 years of service to recognize significant achievement and commitment to LSB.

Rosemary Lang - Lincoln Savings Bank in Reinbeck, IAWinner – Rosemary Lang

Rosemary has been a part of the LSB family for over 20 years.  We so appreciate her dedication and loyalty to LSB!

“There are many things that I admire about Rosemary but especially her willingness  to help anyone at any time no matter what else she has going on.  Because she has been at LSB for so long she knows about many things.  But the biggest thing that I admire the most about Rosemary is her friendly personality, big heart, and nice smile.  She is a great role model for the entire bank.  A quiet soldier that does many things for many people, and does it without thinking about anything but helping a fellow co-worker.  Keep up the good work Rosemary, you are an inspiration to us all”

Congratulations, Rosemary for all that you have done for your customers and your fellow employees!

Coach of the Year

This award is in recognition of a manager who exemplifies excellence in coaching and leadership of their team.

Chris Schildroth - Lincoln Savings Bank in Reinbeck, IAWinner – Chris Schildroth

Chris has been with LSB since March of 2003.  She has completely and consistently embraced her role as a coach, mentor, and friend.  Chris was nominated by her team as well as her supervisor.

“Chris is always available for any issues or problems we may have.  She makes us feel appreciated and expresses her gratitude openly.  She helps us excel in our work and pushes us to do our best.  ?Chris is kind and caring and is more than just a supervisor.  She makes our team stronger by setting a great example.  She is passionate about what she does and she leads us with honesty and integrity.”

Thank you for all that you do as a great coach at LSB!

Outstanding Customer Service

This award is in recognition of an employee who consistently demonstrates outstanding internal or external customer service.

Lesley Youngbear - Lincoln Savings Bank in Tama, IAWinner – Lesley Youngbear

Lesley joined LSB 10 years ago and has consistently shined in the area of customer service!

“It is true that many people at LSB give excellent Customer Service, but Lesley Youngbear consistently goes over and above in her approach to service, both internally and externally. She is one of the most positive people that I know, which is one of the reasons that our customers love working with her. She provides knowledge along with compassion and skill to solve problems and recognize solutions for our customers.”

Thank you, Lesley for all that you do to care for your customers at LSB!  We appreciate you!

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating these employees along with our hundreds of other employees. We are very proud and grateful for our dedicated employee-owners that make the difference each and every day at Lincoln Savings Bank.

Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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