LSB Foundation - Giving Back in 2013

posted 1/29/2014 in General

Lincoln Savings Bank’s LSB Foundation is a way to help give back to our communities through providing grants to local organizations, as well as through matching donations of employees to specified organizations.  To complement and support our core value of being a steward to the communities and resources we serve, the LSB Foundation is proof positive we “walk the walk”.  The Foundation, created in 2005, is that entity within the organization that implements the philanthropic efforts of the entire organization and our employees and associates. 
During the calendar year of 2013, the LSB Foundation received contributions totaling, $118,919.74. Obviously, Lincoln Savings Bank was our most significant contributor donating $100,000.00 to the Foundation. The remaining donations were received from Employees and Associates.  The number of employees who contributed to the foundation grew as did the respective matching request program.
The Foundation made grants and gifts totaling $114,342.82.  We entertained a wider variety and number of grant applications from organizations and agencies within the LSB Foot Print.  Twenty-Four employees participated in the Matching Gift Program last year.  From Big Brother and Big Sisters to the Dollars for Scholars Program, the UNI Panther Scholarship Fund to the YWCA and the Humane Society, our donations represent the interests and diversity of our organization. Since the inception of the LSB Foundation, we have given away more than $2.1 million to organizations, agencies and those in need.
Last year was a great year for giving and community building, and every Lincoln Savings Bank employee and associate is looking forward to more of the same in 2014.

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