LSB Plus: A Financial Tool for Your Ever-Changing Life

posted 11/21/2016 in General

LSB Plus

It's funny the way life is sometimes. You can have everything figured out, a plan in place and be coasting when suddenly something changes. Maybe you meet someone, date for awhile and decide to get married. Perhaps you need a new house because your family is expecting an addition. Or maybe you or your child is getting to a certain age and you realize you need to start planning for the future.

Whatever your life brings, Lincoln Savings Bank can be there to work with you in figuring out the best path for your financial growth and success. The LSB Plus program allows us to look at your current financial state and help you find the best path to meet your goals. And now it's even easier with the LSB Plus Online Portal that allows you to complete certain aspects of the process from the comfort of your own home.

LSB Plus uses a four-step process to ensure that you not only get started on the right path, but also remain on it as time goes on.

1. Assess

Meet with an LSB+ Coordinator and complete your Financial Health Check.

2. Review

Your current financial situation, wills and other important documents are reviewed. 

3. Plan

Obstacles, needs and goals are all defined.

4. Achieve 

Your LSB+ Coordinator connects you with appropriate LSB professionals.

And just as life tends to bring change, we are available for periodic reviews if your financial situation changes.

When it comes to your finances and future, going it alone is like trying to navigate a cluttered room in the dark: you may make it to your bed, but there will have been some painful experiences along the way, and you'll be in worse shape than if you turned the lights on. Turn on the light by contacting your Lincoln Savings Bank branch today!

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