Personal Financial Management: The Power is in Your Hands

posted 3/1/2013 in General

In a world where more and more things are taking up blocks of time during your day, you don't always have time to run to the bank before it closes. Fortunately, Lincoln Savings Bank has the technological tools to allow you to bank from your own kitchen or sofa. Our Online Banking system allows you to have total control over your checking and savings accounts from your personal computer or laptop.
One engaging tool available to our customers enrolled in Online Banking is Budget Plus. This free tool is integrated with Online Banking, allowing you to link your various accounts and making it a great tool for managing your household's finances and budget.
The ability to help you track your spending is perhaps the greatest benefit of the Budget Plus. While some of your monthly expenses, such as your home payment, car loan, insurance and others stay relatively the same, other expenses fluctuate.
By giving you a visual representation of your spending, it helps you see where you can save, as well as places where you may need to allocate a little more money. You can also ensure that you have some "wiggle room" for certain fluctuating expenses such as groceries, gas for your car or utilities for the month. All in all, this Personal Finance Management program gives you the ability to see your financial life as a whole and make well-informed decisions to keep yourself on the right financial path.
You can make this system a part of your fiscal life by opening an account with LSB and then enrolling for online banking. With BudgetPlus, you can ensure that your family will be able to live comfortably, and that you will be on the right path for your future monetary goals. 
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