Recognize a Fake: Email Phishing Scams

posted 12/21/2012 in General


Avoid Email Phishing Scams try to seal Financial Information.
Phishing: fake emails designed to steal sensitive information.
Everyone hates getting junk emails or spam in their inbox. But beware not all junk email and spam is created equal. There are certain pieces of email that may look legitimate, but are just tools criminals use to gain access to your username, password or other sensitive information. These are called phishing attacks

The most popular phishing attacks look like they are from banks or other financial institutions. The design of the email will look professional, and it almost always includes the logo of the company it is supposedly sent from to make it appear more genuine. However, all it takes is a little investigating and a trained eye to find out if it is real or not.
The first thing you should look at is the email address, and there can be a couple of warning signs here. If the name of the sender and the email address do not match up, or if you do not recognize the email address as someone or a company you have done business with before, it is most likely a phishing attack. Another huge hint is if your email has flagged it as spam.
There are also giveaways in the body of the email.  Always hover over links or buttons to see where you will be taken if you click one of them. The web address shown may be completely different, meaning that the criminal has hijacked that website to store their forms that capture secure information.

If you do these three things, you can verify that an email is a phishing attack. This allows you to not only avoid falling into a trap, but your coworkers as well if it was sent to others within your company. View an illustrated video of these points - How to Avoid a Phishing Scam by LSB's Mike McCrary.

We hope this information keeps you safe from phishing attacks and prevents you from becoming a victim of financial and/or identity theft.

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