The 7 Ways You Can Go Green, Save Money and Help Mother Nature

posted 4/28/2014 in General

Spring is in full swing here in the later part of April, and our April showers have definitely helped things green up around our communities. However, nature is not the only thing that can grow green: so can your home. We’re not suggesting you go and get some solar panels (unless you have the extra cash), but there are some actions and ways of thinking you can change to go green while still sticking to your budget. Take a look!

Seal up the cracks- the U.S. Department of Energy estimates this can save you up to 30 percent on your heating and cooling bills. With summer coming, now is the time to caulk any leaks and add weather stripping to external doors.

Go Low (Flow)- don’t let the name fool you: low-flow shower heads feel like they give you the same water pressure, but use way less water. How much? Shower heads with the WaterSense label could save you up to 2,900 gallons per year.

Program your home- programmable thermostats are great because they allow you to prioritize energy usage for when you’re home instead of wasting energy when you’re out.

Stop using disposable household products- paper plates, paper towels, napkins, aluminum foil, zipper bags can all be replaced with alternatives that you can use multiple times.

Repurpose what you own- almost anything in your home has another use, so before you throw something away to buy a newer version, ask yourself if there is a way to repurpose it.

Buy used- if you must buy, try your local Goodwill or thrift store first. It’s easy to turn your nose up at buying “gently-used” items, but the savings on items like couches, chairs, drawers and clothing can be well worth the time.

Learn how to cook or start a garden- making and growing your own food not only costs less than a drive-thru or sit-down restaurant, but it produces less waste and is healthier for you.

What other ways can you think of or have implemented in your life to live green while staying on a budget? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page if we left your idea out. We hope these ideas help spur you to save some money while helping out the environment this spring!

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