The Lincoln Savings Bank (LSB) Family Supports Baby Kady

posted 1/10/2014 in General

If you visited an LSB location today (Friday, January 10, 2014), you probably noticed that the staff was dressed in purple.  You may have wondered if that effort was in support of the UNI Panthers, since many of our locations fall in the Panther nation.  While LSB does have an abundance of Panther pride, today our hearts were with a tiny little girl named Kadence (Kady).

Kady is a beautiful baby girl who was diagnosed with craniosynostosis a few days after her birth in August of 2013.  Craniosynostosis is a condition in which the sutures close prematurely, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth and premature closure of the fontanelles (soft spots).  Premature closure of the sutures may also cause the pressure inside of the head to increase and the skull or facial bones to change from a normal, symmetrical appearance.  Today, Kady underwent a serious surgery at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital where a craniotomy was performed on her skull. We are happy to report that the surgery went very well and Kady is now starting her lengthy recovery journey.

Kady’s mom, Ashley, works at LSB’s Waverly office and has bravely shared the story of her daughter’s condition with her LSB family asking only for one thing... prayers for Kady and the doctors at the U of I. The staff responded with prayers and caring thoughts, but also wanted to do more to help baby Kady.  Erik Skovgard, Lincoln Savings Bank CEO, named today Kady Friday at all LSB locations.  The staff was encouraged to wear Purple, a color selected by Kady’s family to show support.  Many locations also had a “Jeans Day”, where employees make a small donation for the privilege of wearing jeans.  All donations will go to Kady’s family to help cover the expenses associated with her surgery and recovery.

If you want to show your support for baby Kady, we encourage you to “Like” the “Kady Baby’s Craniosynostosis Journey” Facebook page, where you can follow her recovery journey.  If you are in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, we also invite you to stop by a couple upcoming lunch donation events that are open to the public at the LSB branch at 301 Washington Street in Cedar Falls:

  • January 17th- Carnita’s Lunch
  • January 31st- Walking Tacos

Here are pictures of some LSB locations showing their support for baby Kady:

LSB Allison Supports Kady!
LSB Allison

LSB Ankeny Supports Kady!
LSB Ankeny

LSB Aplington Supports Kady!
LSB Aplington

Cedar Falls Downtown Supports Kady!

LSB Cedar Falls (Downtown)

LSB Insurance Cedar Falls Supports Kady!
LSB Insurance Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Industrial Park Supports Kady!
LSB Cedar Falls (Industrial Park)

LSB Hudson Supports Kady!
LSB Hudson

LSB Insurance in Mason City Supports Kady!
LSB Insurance Mason City

LSB Reinbeck Operations Department supports Kady!
LSB Reinbeck (Operations Department)

LSB Reinbeck Supports Kady!
LSB Reinbeck (Notice our intern Ryan, pictured top row furthest right.  He purchased a shirt especially to show support for Kady today.)

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