Travel for Cheap: Holiday Travel Savings Strategies

posted 12/4/2013 in General

If you’ve ever traveled for the holidays, you know things can get hectic in a hurry. You have to pack your clothes, pack your gifts, make sure everyone has their tickets or that the car has gas in it; the to-do list can be overwhelming at times. And that’s without thinking about all the money being spent on holiday travel.
However, traveling for the holidays doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. With some good timing and a keen eye, you can get your family, gifts and clothing from point A to point B without overexerting yourself financially:
Book your flight now- Like, right now. Once you get within 21 days of your travel date, airline ticket prices steadily increase.
Avoid peak travel days- December 24th is traditionally the most expensive day of the year to try and get a travel ticket of any kind (plane, train, etc.).
Wait on the hotel room- hotel prices work opposite of airlines: they will slash prices to try and fill rooms. Try to hold off on booking a hotel room (if there’s no room at your relative’s place) until the day of your arrival.
Consider driving if possible- between air fare, food at the airport, parking and any surprise fees, you may be better off driving if your destination is close enough.
Be savvy on social media- follow travel sites like Hotwire and Expedia on Facebook or Twitter, or your preferred airline to see if/when the post deals.
Lincoln Savings Bank hopes these tips, plus any others you may use if you’re an experienced traveler, get you to your destination safely and with a little extra money in your bank account. We hope that everyone travels safely during the holidays, and don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything Lincoln Savings Bank can do to help.
Lincoln Savings Bank, member FDIC.
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