Travel Smarter this Holiday Season

posted 11/7/2014 in General

We see it every year, the newscasts documenting the holiday travel woes of those unfortunate enough to get stranded or delayed at airports throughout the country. However, if you’re planning on traveling throughout the holidays, things don’t need to be so complicated or anxiety inducing.

By traveling smarter, you can get to your loved ones without the hassle and stress, and maybe even save a little money along with way. How?

  • Plan ahead- if you’re flying be sure to book your flight as far in advance as possible. You can also take a look at different and least costly methods of travel, such as Amtrak train (if available) or driving.

  • Pick the right day to travel- the days right before or after a holiday are peak days for travel, meaning the likelihood of delays or flight cancellations is increased.

  • Pick the right time to travel- aside from having the right day, you need to time your travel right as well. The middle of the day is the most traffic-heavy on the roads and at airports, so early morning or later in the evening are the two best times.

  • Dress appropriately- planes are typically on the chilly side, and you want to be sure you’re comfortable and prepared in the case in of an emergency if you are driving.

  • Bring water and some snacks if possible- getting dehydrated or hungry only makes travel worse. If you do get delayed or stranded, you’ll want to have some water and food on hand to tide you over.  You will also save money by bringing snacks with you rather than paying a premium at the convenience store or airport. 

Perhaps the most important tip from that list is to plan ahead. By getting yourself prepared for holiday travel you identify possible problem areas and can better keep yourself readily adaptable to any situation.

Safe travels to all of you who are planning to travel during the holidays, and we hope to see you soon!

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