Vacation Roadblocks: Common Surprise Vacation Costs

posted 6/17/2013 in General

Alright, it's finally vacation time! You've been planning, saving and counting down the days and now it's finally here.  You've thought of everything, right?  You have your rooms booked, activities planned, travel plans made, cash in your wallet, emergency credit and debit cards ready and you are feeling great! 
Be prepared to keep your vacation from turning into this!'re probably forgetting about something.  Or a few things.  With every vacation there are always a few unexpected costs that pop up along the way.  We're here to give you a reminder so that your vacation can go as smoothly as possible. Be sure to keep the following things in mind for your vacation:
Gratuities and tips- working with a lot of service people during your trip, opportunities to tip are plentiful, so be sure to factor this in when thinking about how much cash you need.
Transportation- getting to your destination is one thing, getting around while you're there is another. Have you taken account for how you'll be getting around?  Consider whether it makes sense to take public transportation, a cab or maybe a rental car.  Maybe you'll want to rent bikes for a day or take a ferry/boat ride, or perhaps do some horseback riding? 
Unplanned activities- so your destination city's annual jazz festival is this weekend and you just happen to be a jazz aficionado? Plan a little extra into your budget for these last-minute activities.
Emergencies- most vacations happen without anyone making a trip to the hospital, but you never know. Just like unplanned activities, accidental injuries can and do happen.  Make sure you're ready with insurance cards and any health records that may be needed.
Food and drink- whereas cruises include food, they often don't include drinks like water, soda or alcoholic beverages.  On other trips the cost of food and drink may be different than it is at home, so it's a good idea to research those costs ahead of time.
Internet- this varies by hotel or destination, but many require you to "purchase" internet access. While it's not much, it's tacked on to your overall bill and taxed as well.
Are there any costs that you've run into that we didn't include? If so, keep those in mind as you plan financially for your trip.  If you need help with anything regarding your trips, from getting cash to ordering traveler's checks, Lincoln Savings Bankcan help.  Just stop by any of our locations!

Wherever you go this summer, we hope you and your family have a wonderful trip!

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