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posted 2/13/2019 in General

Whatever your budget is for Valentine’s Day, there are some things you need to know about. Whether you need to save a few bucks, get tips on what to get and what to avoid, or just need some ideas, we are here to help. Just because you can’t buy something pricey every year, doesn’t mean the holiday won’t be special, and that’s not what it’s all about. We have 6 tips that will make your special holiday a thoughtful, and well spent day, both for your time, and your wallet.
  1. The Card. Millions of cards, and we mean over 140 million to be exact, will be exchanged this year, which means you’re going to have to find a way to stand out. Don’t buy the most expensive and gaudy card you can find, instead make the most personal one. You know your sweetheart better than anyone else, so show them you care by putting your love into words.
  1. Some Things are More Expensive in February. Heart shaped boxes of chocolate are an image paired with Valentine’s Day since it became a holiday, which makes it easy to bump up the price. Red roses can also cost double or more when in high demand around this particular day. Over 65% of people associate the colors red and pink with love, so be strategic when buying your ‘love themed’ gift. Get them something they want and make sure it comes in those colors instead. Something like a red candle, pink wildflowers, or a red tie. This can make your gift seem more loved up while not costing you the extra that Valentine-specific gifts might cost.
  1. The Thought Does Count. Although most people love roses and chocolate, not everybody does. Paying attention will get you much further than getting a generic gift. Chocolate, candy, and roses are the easy way out! And they are also more expensive in February than other times of the year. Does your girlfriend or wife prefer different flowers or no flowers at all? Does your boyfriend or husband like chips and dip more than candy or sweets? It only takes a few moments to notice something they might like more, so take the time to jot it down. Even if you don’t use your idea for Valentine’s Day, you can get them something special for another holiday coming up.
  1. Thinking of Getting Engaged? According to a 2017 study by James Allen diamond retailer, Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday to get engaged. The study also found that people prefer something personalized in a proposal. But how can it be personal if everyone picks the same day to get engaged? Although it does seem romantic to have your day end with a promise of forever, remember that sometimes things are more special if they are made your own. Remember that there is a difference between cheesy, and cliché, so make sure a Valentine’s proposal is really what they want before you go for it.
  1. Give the Gift of an Experience. Most people are leaning away from the traditional gifts and asking more for gifts that they can experience with their partner. Studies show you may feel like your money is better spent on adventures or experiences. If you’ve been looking at concert tickets, purchase them now and give as a Valentine’s gift. This will check Valentines off your list, and means you don’t have to buy those tickets in the future in addition to a different V-day gift. These events could be anything from movie tickets, a brewery tour, or taking a class together, and it will be a great way to create some memories.
  1. Skip Valentine’s Day… Bear with us here for a second. A lot more people do this than you think, and they aren’t all single. Sometimes a night-in can be romantic, and you can make your significant other feel special. Small gifts and a movie, cooking together (making chocolate covered strawberries anyone?), or having some wine, all of these still have major potential to be romantic. Also remember that a lot of restaurants have Valentine’s themes to make the day more exciting (like Pancheros serving red burritos).

There doesn’t need to be a lot of stress and pressure around your love-filled day. Remember that gifts aren’t the purpose and your significant other isn’t with you just so you can buy them tacky presents. For some cost effective Valentine’s gift ideas click here, or to continue getting some more budget tips click here.  Stay smart, and stay sentimental, then you can’t lose.

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