Ways You Can Make Extra Money This Summer

posted 7/18/2013 in General

For some people, summer can be down time since school is out.  With all the fun activities summer brings, making extra money can help you stay busy this summer without breaking the bank.  Whether you are a student out for the summer or looking for a part-time job, these ideas may help you make that extra summer money you are looking for. 
What ideas do you have for making a little extra cash?
  1. Turn your spring cleaning into summer cash.  From large furniture to little knick-knacks and collectables, try selling your old stuff through online sites or through a garage sale.  You may be surprised at how much these things will go for!
  2. If you are a college student out for the summer, a school teacher, or are very knowledgeable on various school subjects, check out becoming a summer tutor.  Being a summer tutor can look great on a resume and may get you some extra money for just a few hours of your time.
  3. Start up your own lawn maintenance services or join up with an existing one.  The extra burden of lawn care in the summer time can be daunting for busy families. Cash in on this by providing an affordable service to friends and neighbors. With the heavy use of parks and community centers in the summer, you might also check into mowing and lawn care for the city where you live.
  4. Apply for jobs that thrive in the summer time!  Just like lawn care, jobs that require you to be outdoors and are only around in the summer are great second part-time jobs.  Amusement parks, golf courses, ball parks, and lawn and home care department stores are all great ideas to make extra money in the summer time.
  5. Browse the internet!  In today's world, the internet is key to just about everything.  Browse the internet for easy money by doing online surveys, customer service jobs, or online assistance jobs.

Whether you are in need of extra summer money for fun summer activities or need a little help with student loans or paying the bills, the summer is a great opportunity for you to get the extra money you need!  Lincoln Savings Bank can help you save, invest, and use the extra money you make this summer. 

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