Insurance Awareness Day

posted 6/28/2018 in Insurance

Insurance Awareness Day

June 28th is a day set aside to review your insurance coverage. Insurance was created to protect the things you love, and recover any losses in the wake of damage, illness or death. Insurance can protect you against an unforeseen financial loss, even if someone else caused the accidental harm.

Your insurance coverage and your financial security go hand in hand when the unexpected things in life happen. Insurance is an agreement between you and a company or agency that provides a guarantee of compensation due to unintended specified losses, in exchange for a premium.

But you’re a lucky person, why should you buy insurance? 
Well, there are so many things that need insurance like your home, car, health care, or your life. In fact, many mortgage lenders will need to know that your home is protected by insurance in order to agree to help you buy. Insurance can even help your family when you are gone, paying for the loss they incur when you are not providing for them.

It’s important to monitor your current policy to make sure you are not over or underinsured. Purchasing the wrong policy or spending too much could do your more harm than good. To find out how our experienced insurance agents can help you find the right insurance coverage, request a quote or give us a call today at 866-235-2098.

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